2017 Travel Guide

A new year spells out new adventures for the avid traveler. This 2017, take your pick from any of these amazing destinations which are predicted to be the best places to travel to if you're looking for all kinds of amazing and fun adventures:
Despite critics of the past predicting Portugal to be the next design capital of the world, the Global recession in 2008 crippled the country, causing the opposite to happen and a long period of stagnation to set in. Progressive city planning initiatives have helped pick up the mantle once again, encouraging art and design and making it a prime destination for tourists to fly over. With its aim to once again take the title of the “Design Capital of the World”, this is definitely the place to fly to if you're in the mood for some art appreciation.
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The Latin-fusion food and cocktail scene gets a little upgrade with the introduction of a few notable bars and hotels within the area. Jerusalem is also known to be a place with an appreciation for the visual artistry with its contemporary visual scene. Kayamuta is recommended, with installations that deal with environmental issues and sometimes hands-on workshops to illustrate how the natural world informs the artistic one.
New Zealand
Luxury sprouts in the fresh and green surroundings of New Zealand with the opening of the multi-million dollar Helena Bay resort, the lone, beach-bound luxury lodge in the country. Al Brown, a superstar chef from Auckland, opens a new eatery and oyster bar, Depot, where it’s sure to set the food scene on fire. If you’re aiming for a wondrously high-class stay, these two might just be the push you need to visit this verdant and beautiful country.
A new bullet train, Hokuriku Shinkansen, gives the busy traveler enough time to squeeze 3 cities into their itinerary. From Tokyo , the Hokuriku zips straight across the country to Kanazawa, a Creative City well-known for traditional gardens, historic districts, and temples. From there, the Hokuriku Arch Pass connects to the Thunderbird train to Kyoto and Osaka. Come June 2017 though, the Twilight Express Mizukaze will be the talk of the town, offering private compartments solely, complete with hotel-style bedrooms, private entertaining salons, and much more.
With a new slogan underway for the new year, the Philippine government aims to improve spreading the message of how amazing and diverse the Philippines can be. There are a lot of amazing festivals just waiting to be celebrated for the first two months: Sinulog Festival in Cebu (Jan. 10-16), Dinagyang in Iloilo (Jan. 20-22), and the Feast of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo, Manila (Jan. 9) just to name a few. With events and changes that make the islands ripe for global tourists, take some time from your busy schedules to explore and enjoy yourself.
If you haven’t finalized your travel list for the year, do yourself a favor and squeeze in these amazing destinations. With so many amazing changes and happenings, you’d be doing your inner explorer a big favor with such unforgettable trips.

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