5 BIG Reasons to Travel Today!

January is a time of new beginnings, the month at the very beginning of the 12 year cycle. But did you also know it's the month with the most potential for that convenient and quick vacation that you know you’ve needed? You’re totally over the “home for the holidays” vibe and ready to take on the world once again!
Convince yourself to start the new year with a new adventure with these big reasons:
A Reason for Escape
Chilled to the bone, stuck inside, days are cloudy and uncertain. Let’s be honest, the winter season can lose its charm when the holidays have gone and rolled by. Get out of that rut, book a trip to someplace warm and enjoy living out the rest of the month away from the gloom.
The Perfect Snow Day
Maybe you actually prefer the snow and want to spend it scooping, rolling or jumping around in the powdery ground. Skip the backyard and go full vacation mode with a trip to a ski resort or a mountain cabin. Make sure you're well stocked for snowy travels before leaving
One of the Sleepiest Months
It’s understandable to think that the world is asleep during January. The hype and busyness of the holidays is finally starting to wind down, giving you the chance for a hassle free travel booking and more chances of securing an available room at a hotel or inn.
Lodging is Cheap
Aside from being readily available, lodging becomes even cheaper during this time of year. It may come from airlines anticipating less tourism traffic, which means much more discounts for you. If you’re a point collector and have been racking up travel points during the holidays, now is the time to use and indulge in them.
Mixing It Up
Airports not too busy. Cheaper airfares and lodging. This situation would be ripe for visiting some of the biggest countries for tourists to touchdown on. But before you finalize a holiday in Rome or Paris, think about some other amazing and exotic locations to set your eyes on. Try tropical destinations like the beaches of Thailand, the markets of Hong Kong or the festival-filled Philippines.
Convinced yet? There are so many great advantages to making January your month of travel. So pack your bags and make the most of your remaining month to frolick and fly on a journey away from the same old home and snow.

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