Healthy New Year Habits

New year, new opportunities, new changes! It’s a clean slate for the next 12 months. We may have set our New Year’s resolutions in stone, but everybody can benefit from a few healthy habits here and there.
Make it a habit to include these items into your routine and you may find yourself living better, faster, stronger and happier:
Hearty Breakfast
Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day. It’s basically your body’s fuel for the morning until dinner and lunch. Having a good breakfast can spell the difference between a very active and productive day to a terrible and stressful one. Load up on carbohydrates and protein so you can function longer and better. Eggs are a breakfast staple, are fairly easy to cook and are packed with protein so try to include them when you can.
Plan Meals
Aside from breakfast, planning out what to eat and when you’ll be eating it can help you discover just how much you can take and what foods are good and bad for you. A simple outline for meal planning would be to start the day with a filling breakfast, feed yourself sizeable portions for lunch, make dinner light and add some small snacks to tide you in during the afternoons. Sticking to a healthy meal plan can make the planner feel healthier and more active instead of lazy.
Wash Hands
Washing hands is a basic health habit that everybody should practice, especially before meals or when handling something sensitive like a wound or your open mouth. Washing hands help eliminate any small but harmful germs that may cause illnesses like colds and the flu which can really ruin your plans for the weekend or vacations.
Regular Check-ups
Washing both hands are well and good, but it only covers the outside skin. For the inside story, get reports from your trusted physician at least one every 2 months or so. Having a regularly scheduled check-up with a doctor about generally anything in your body is a good way to monitor for any crippling diseases or to look out for bad health habits you may not have noticed. Schedule your visits on specific dates or talk to your doctor about a schedule so you can keep your check-ups constant for both you and your local clinic.
Sleep Better
Sleep is definitely an important aspect when it comes to your overall health. Finding the right balance of early sleeping to waking up at a proper time can be a bit tricky in the modern world where active night lives are the norm nowadays, but keeping a good 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep will help give your body many of the things it needs: energy to get through the day, better cognitive functions such as learning or following instructions, and a better attitude while under stressful or busy situations.
You don’t need to be a fitness expert or a health-obsessed person to follow these basic health habits. Start your new year right by following these tips and living better and more active lifestyles.

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