London: The Charming, Cobbled Streets

Known for for the ever famous Big Ben Clock Tower, the London Eye the snack Fish and Chips, and also for housing the Crown Jewels of England, the City of London definitely has a lot of character that sets itself apart from the rest of Europe. It is the capital of England under the United Kingdom and is also its the most populated area. It is a generally cool place due to the climate and the fairly constant rainfall that covers the area.
London was given the nickname “The Old Smoke” due to an event in the past called “The Great Smog”. In 1952, a thick smog hung over the air of London for 5 whole days. A large number of people died during that time, which led to the Clean Air Act in 1956. Although the tragedy is long past, people still call it by this peculiar name.
With the Gothic architecture and many of the old buildings still intact, many call it a historic city. But even with a lot of the buildings from the past still intact, the city has its fair share of modernization as well. Nowadays, the city is a diverse, artistic place where creativity and new ideas fly about. From surprising art pieces, a diverse menu of foods from all over the world, music, theater and more, one can definitely call London an interesting place to visit.

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