Travel Ban: Important Information

Published on January 31, 2017
On Friday, January 27th, President Trump enacted an Executive Order that temporarily bans travelers from seven countries entering the United States: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.
At this point, we see absolutely no reason why the Philippines would be added to the list of travel ban countries, in fact, US and Philippine relations remain strong to this day. The Philippines remains a strong ally to the US in a very important South East Asia region
While our core demographics of Philippine travelers do not belong to this list, we urge our customers to exert extra caution while leaving the country and re-entering. Namely to make sure all relevant travel documents (Passports, Visa’s) are valid and current. Dell Merano, the District Sales Manager for Philippine Airlines San Francisco, told us on a call this morning that “Any of our passengers flying to the Philippines, holding visa’s or permanent resident status will not be affected.” She stressed the importance of making sure any visa documents must have been obtained legally through the correct department of state channels.
Richmond Jimenez, Philippine Department of Tourism Attache & Director, also indicated to us this morning that “It's understandable to worry about the travel ban, however, Philippine Nationals who are Permanent Residents of the USA, as well as those holding legal visa’s will not be affected, citing that the Travel Ban is not directed to the Philippines.” Mr. Jimenez also reported that: “The Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles is actively monitoring the developments. So far no Filipino has come forth to the Philippine Consulate reporting any adverse effects of the demonstration(s) at the airport or the travel ban.” Any questions, you may send them to