Wild World: Cormorant

Name: Cormorant
What is it?: A species of aquatic bird
Where to find: Cormorants can be found in many regions across the world and are not exclusively from anywhere. Some species of the bird are found in Europe like UK while they are being trained for labor in places like China and Japan to this day.
Bio: Cormorants are a bird species that dwell close to the sea water, making their nests close to the shore in trees, islets, and even on the ground. Their feathers are often dark in shade, long, thin, hooked bills, and webbed toes. All these elements help the cormorant with its water-based lifestyle: The dark feathers absorb dry faster while also retaining water to weight the creature down, The webbed feet help them propel deeper into the water to catch fish, and the thin beak hook makes it easier to propel into lower water.
In some Asian countries like Japan and China, these creatures are used as a method of catching fish. The cormorant trainer ties a few string around the bird’s neck. This does not choke or stop the cormorant from eating small fish. Once it catches and tries to eat a bigger fish, however, it will get stuck in its throat. It is then coaxed back by the trainer, who will remove and keep the fish for himself.
  • Cormorants can dive to an impressive 120 to 300 feet deep, making it Southern California’s deepest diving bird.
  • Cormorants do not digest everything they eat. Much like owls, they will regurgitate things like bones and animal parts that cannot be digested properly.

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