Wild World: Saltwater Crocodile

Name: Saltwater Crocodile
What is it?: A carnivorous reptile that can live in both fresh and saltwater areas.
Where to find: These large creatures can be spotted in eastern India, Southeast Asia, and northern Australia.
The Saltwater crocodile is the largest crocodile to be discovered around the world. It is so large, people have speculated it is able to eat a human being whole!
Much like their freshwater cousins, these vicious hunters lurk underneath the waters, waiting for any creature foolish enough to get close to the water for a drink or too cool off. The crocodile springs into action, exploding from beneath the waters and latching onto prey with the large and strong jaws filled with sharp teeth then dragged into the water to be drowned and then consumed.
Despite their ferocity in hunting, the crocodile has very low stamina and will not move carelessly about. It is possible for them to run or even chase their targeted prey, but they will not do so for long periods of time. Despite this fact, tourists must always be mindful of these scaly creatures as they move very fast when running or bounding.
  • "Salties", as they are called in Australia, were almost extinct due to hunting back in the 1960s.
  • A special valve in the creatures throats stop water from coming in even when they open their mouths underwater.
  • Saltwater Crocs can wait for an hour submerged underwater just to snap up a nice meal.

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