Your January Checklist!

The month of January is definitely one of the slower times of the year, with the chilly winter season still set in and situated right after two of the biggest holidays: Christmas and New Years. This means people are still recovering from all the eating, partying and staying up late that those holidays entail.
Take this time to kick back before the busier months ahead start to make their presence known. Here’s a list of suggestions and tips to help make the most of this lax month:
Cut down on unneeded social media interaction. With no defining holiday under its belt aside from New Year (which begins and ends on the very first day of the month), there's not a lot of reasons for you to continuously focus and post statuses all month long.
Prepare your home for the rest the year. If you just don’t feel like hibernating like everybody else, how about your go around your home putting back decorations, cleaning house, or maybe even collecting old things to sell donate, or throw away.
Visit faraway family and friends. With no big reasons to go out, find some time to catch up with your friends and family from faraway places while you’re all a bit free. You can drive over to cozy up with them or just send a greeting card for the new year.
Indulge in sales and more. January is one of those months where prices drop and sales become a frequent thing in shops and markets. Now's your chance to save some money on buying the many things you need around the house.This may mean stores are trying to get rid of older stock, but it could mean a slew of new things you can buy for use in the coming year.
Enjoy cheaper and better services available during this time of year. Visit fancy restaurants that are hardly filled due to the nature of the weather. Look into cheaper airfares and shorter lines for a much needed vacation too, like a tropical island or somewhere relatively warmer.
Stay in and enjoy yourself. With such bad weather and low temperatures that chill you to the bone, you finally have a reason to just stay after non-stop celebrating. Why not take advantage of this month's cheap prices and move up your staycation from home to a nice hotel?
So how will you spend your January? Make sure to plan your time wisely so that can enjoy the slow pace of the month before you start counting down to the much busier months ahead.

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