Always Summer in the Philippines: Manila Arrival

The arrival of the awesome travel squad marks the kick start of the Always Summer in the Philippines! Mango Tours, in partnership with Philippine Airlines, leads some of the biggest names in social media on a trip to better understand the charms of this tropical destination. With their influence, they'll be able to help put the archipelago on the map as an exciting vacation hotspot and give it a little more exposure via the worldwide web.
The social media influencers who will be joining this adventure include Aspyn Ovard (lifestyle and beauty blogger), Parker Ferris (YouTube vlogger), Liane Valenzuela (model, actress, singer), Don Benjamin (recording artist, model), Tiffany Nguyen (photographer, travel enthusiast), Gwen Lane (lifestyle blogger), Corey Marshall (food blogger), and Ashley Colburn (award-winning producer, host, and travel expert).
These guests will be visiting some of the most popular island attractions in BoracayBoholCebuPalawan, and the capital, Manila, exploring historic sites, enjoying some relaxing beach time, trekking across nature and so much more.
Look out for future updates on their experiences during this visit.

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Always Summer in the Philippines