MTs' Choice of Accommodations on the Island

Finding the right accommodation on the multiple islands of the Philippines can be a bit of a task for first-time travelers in the Philippines. But with the right information, you’ll be able to know what hotels are perfect for your needs and tastes.
We give you several of the most well-known properties found across the Philippine isles for you to review and choose from:
MT Hotel and Resort Accommodations

Astoria Palawan (Puerto Princesa, Palawan)

Located in the nature-filled shores of Palawan, Astoria boasts an eco-friendly atmosphere that still retains a comfortable and colorful look to entice guests to stay. It mixes modern styles with rustic decor, effectively making your living quarters feel very new age with just a hint of the local flavor. The property is built on a five (5) hectare mango orchard, another one of its more natural and local aspects.
MT Hotel and Resort Accommodations

Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan (Mactan Island, Cebu)

This resort 6-hectare beach resort and spa that is located in one of the most famous of Philippine tourist spots. Featuring spacious accommodations like private, luxury villas and contemporary guest rooms, this deluxe resort in Mactan Island proves to be quite a popular choice for tourists and their families who have planned a Cebu stay.
MT Hotel and Resort Accommodations

Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa (Panglao Island, Bohol)

This Bohol based spa-resort holds a relaxing, rustic vibe that is derived from the nature around the island and inspired by the indigenous tribe within the island. Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa brings the wonder and beauty of relaxation straight to you without having to camp out or any similar activity. It could be because the massive 16 hectares are filled with plants and all manner of greens while the nearby beach blows a calming, ocean breeze straight at you while you get a soothing open-air massage.
MT Hotel and Resort Accommodations

Astoria Boracay (Station 1, Boracay Island)

This luxury beach resort is located in station 1, a premiere area for some of the highest quality hotels and accommodations found within the “Beach Capital of the Philippines”. The location is one of the best, being close to the marketplace, where souvenirs are stocked abundantly, and on the beachfront, giving easy access guests who are jumping to hit the sand and sea.
MT Hotel and Resort Accommodations

Current by Astoria (Station 3, Boracay Island)

Another of Boracay’s accommodating Astoria branches. This one is located in the activity-filled station 3, meaning guests will have lots to do and explore once they step out of the resort area. One of the biggest attention-grabbers of this Boracay resort is the 25-meter lap pool, complete with acrylic panels on both sides, sunken loungers and 8 built-in aqua seats with jet massage nozzles. There's even a 50 sq. meter pool for junior too.
MT Hotel and Resort Accommodations

The Manila Hotel (Manila City)

Experience the grandeur of the Philippine archipelago’s capital with a stay at The Manila Hotel, one of the most prestigious and established of Manila’s places to book a room in. A hotel known for its history, from its initial planning in 1898 to it’s continued renovation and improvements to this very day. The Manila Hotel stays true to its tried-and-tested methods of service, proving that it isn’t all about new tricks when it comes to good old Filipino hospitality.
Found a place you favor to stay in? Sometimes, the place you’ll be staying in can make or break a good vacation experience so choose wisely. But don’t feel pressured! Each of these Philippine accommodations has something to offer, so you're guaranteed a nice relaxing stay with whichever one you choose.

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