That's-So-Pinoy: Single Filipinos During Valentine's Day

The most romantic day for couples and lovers is fast approaching and people are going crazy over flowers and chocolates. Most lovers have probably planned their travels to beach destinations like Boracay and Palawan, or prepared special gifts for each other. But as this day approaches, singles in the Philippines are also preparing for something: shut out all the lovey-dovey nonsense of the world and hope that February 14 will soon be over in a snap.
So what do single Filipinos usually do during Valentine's Day? We list down five examples:
Avoid Dangwa Market
Dangwa market is a floral haven within the city of Manila. Every year, from February 13-14, this place is crowded with all manner of men who buy various bouquets to give to their girlfriends/wives/partners. Singles avoid this place because a.) diving into a mob for some flowers isn’t worth it, and b.) bouquets are so cliche.
Post/Tweet “Hugot” Lines
Filipinos, in general, are all about humor. There is a big, cultural trend in the country where ironic, witty or sarcastic pun or statuses about everyday life circulate the web, giving locals a good laugh and maybe a few relatable feelings. Most posts you'll see on social media during Valentine's day are hugot posts from singles. Here are some examples:
"Buti pa ang sapatos, may pair." (Shoes are lucky because they come in pairs)
"Araw ba ng mga patay ngayon? Bakit nagkalat ang flowers?" (Is today the day of the dead? Why are there flowers everywhere?)
"Single. Minsan ikaw. Laging ako." (Single. Sometimes it’s “you”. Always, it’s “me”.)
Binge Watching
While couples are busy lining up at the cinema for the latest chick flick for that “special time together”, Filipino singles are much more comfortable lying in their beds and streaming/playing their favorite movies at home. It’s not just limited to movies either as TV series, reality shows or Korean dramas are viable options too. Another big plus: they don’t have to put effort into looking presentable for a date.
Get Some Sleep
Instead of spending the night stressing over a fancy dinner date, singles have the option to just rest early and energize for a new day tomorrow. If Valentine's Day is set on a weekend, the single Filipino can indulge in siestas, or afternoon naps, instead of stressing out on date plans and expensive gifts.
Date with the Family
Filipinos have a family-oriented culture, so singles on Valentine’s Day can choose to have a familial dinner instead. Love isn’t just limited to couples as affection for relatives is an important part of life as well. Why have a pricey steak dinner for two when you can have a group buffet full of fun? #FamilyFirst, am I right?
If you’re single this upcoming Valentine’s Day and can relate, don’t feel bad! Even to the happy and friendly Filipinos, singlehood can either be a blessing or a curse depending on how they look at it. But no matter where you’re from, lacking a relationship isn’t something to be ashamed of. There are lots of reasons why being single can be just as great as being with a partner. All you have to do is find out what.

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