The Filipino Way: PDOT's Newest Campaign

With the beginning of February and the end of the Miss universe campaign, the Philippine’s newest tourism slogan has finally been officially unveiled: “When you’re with Filipinos, you’re with family.”
The introduction of this new campaign further solidifies the claim of why “It’s more fun in the Philippines”. Featuring travel blogger Jack Ellis, a campaign video was shown with the blonde-haired traveler in Surigao’s Enchanted River. A local woman calls him “anak” (child), to show him that all guests are treated like family when they visit.
This gives the Philippines a different feel when compared to other countries out there. The campaign was said to focus on other aspects of the Philippines aside from just the usual beaches, places to go shopping, local restaurants and more. The goal of this campaign will focus more on the people and the aspect of familial bonds tourists can feel when interacting with the locals.
Truly, this new direction is a welcome change to the usual focus on physical appearance alone. It’s also a good idea to emphasize on aspects such as bonding and making memories with the country itself. This is a good chance for people who visit to know there’s more to a great destination than just the white sands of their beaches or the amount of attractions there are in one place.

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