Traveling In Two's: Make it Romantic

For a lot of couples, traveling as a pair is romantic enough as itself. Walking along the roads of a foreign land together, sharing a warm (or chilled depending on the region) meal together, seeing the lights of the cityscape before taking your commemorative tourist photo. But what if we told you that there are ways to make your journeys together even more meaningful?
We give you a list of things you can remember to make your journeys together a lot more tender and maybe even magical:
Hunger + Exhaustion = Fights
Yes, I’ve said that traveling in pairs can be uber romantic, but every rose has its thorns. For the traveling twosome, those thorns can come in the form of arguing. The main cause of travel arguments? Exhaustion and hunger. You can avoid adding kindling to these fiery clashes of opinion by keeping this fact in mind and taking the time to cool off before doing continuing your adventures.
Schedule Some Downtime
While it’s optimal to maximize your travel time together while on vacation, don’t forget that you’re both only human and that you need to wind down now and then too. Spend at least a portion of one of your travel days holed up in your room just to relax, unwind and enjoy each other’s company. You can indulge yourselves and order some wine and snacks from room service to just veg out in your comfy hotel.
Get a (Private) Room
While it's budget-friendly to rent cheap hostel rooms and share your sleeping space with other travelers, it can get a lot less romantic when you’re trying to find some snuggle time among the piles of bags and the presences of other people. Go all out and rent the private hotel room you know you both deserve.
Time Apart
As in any relationship, spending every waking moment beside each other can feel suffocating in the long run. You both need your personal spaces here and there too. It's not being suggested that you spend the entire day apart during your travels. Just set up some time where you can explore or enjoy yourselves separately. An example would be to do some solo shopping at a foreign marketplace after you’ve explored and taken some photos with each other first.
Don’t Force the Romance
You may be dead-set on emulating the latest romance fads and photos you can find on Instagram or Facebook, but forcing the love is very tiring and very counterproductive. Don’t try too hard to be romantic and just let your natural chemistry work. What’s important is how you both feel about each other and the trip you are on rather than trying to impress the masses on your social media accounts.
Remember, your trips together aren’t just grand adventures you’ll want to remember for the rest of your lives. They’re also moments you want to share in order to nurture the bonds you already have for one another. The seas and skies may get a bit rough, but as long somebody you love and trust has got your back, any adventure will be worth the trouble.

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