Up, Up, and Away: the 21st Hot Air Balloon Festival!

Since the beginning of time, men have always dreamed of the power of flight. From the wooden wings of the past to the marvels of aviation technology that whirr through the modern skies, the human race has come a long way in terms of aerial capabilities.
In celebration of one of the most colorful and romantic of those flight methods, hot-air balloons, the Philippines celebrates its 21st Hot Air Balloon Festival! After the two decades, the festival still keeps to its tradition of having the sky filled with so many imaginative, vibrant and dream-like balloons.
Started back in 1994, the main goal of this event was to help jumpstart the local economy and to lift up communities in Central Luzon after an eruption by Mt. Pinatubo. It was an event where balloon pilots from all over the world could showcase their skills and entertain the masses.
Not only does the event promote tourism for the Philippine country, but it is a great way for pilots across the globe to get a taste of the Filipino hospitality while trading global flight information and techniques. By instilling awareness of aviation, the festival shows the locals and visitors alike about the wonders of flight and the sky.
If this sounds appealing to you, there’s no better time to catch the festival than this month. This might be the last chance you can catch the event at Clark International Airport, where it has been held for the last 20 years.
So don’t miss this momentous occasion and celebrate the beauty of aviation in the Philippines this February 9-12, 2017!

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