5 Must-haves for Organized Travelers

originally publishing on Inquirer.net

Like to stay neat and tidy during your travels? It can be hard to do when there are so many things happening at once during your travels: long lines; check-ins; bag inspections; crowded cabin areas. The list just goes on. But a dedicated and orderly traveler knows that keeping prepared and having all the right tools can make on-the-go organization a whole lot easier.

Here are some of the best things to take with you if you’re willing to keep things easily accessible even as you go on an adventure:

Belt Bag
While not the most fashionable thing to wear during your journeys, function trumps form when it comes to easy access and much-needed space for small, easily lost items. A good belt bag is a great way to keep handheld valuables close to you should you ever need them, ranging from cell phones, passports, wallets,  hotel keys and even candies or small snacks. As a bonus, pickpockets are less likely to take things from a bag that’s right in front of your range of vision.

Notepad and Pen
A welcome addition to any belt bag or backpack, the notepad-pen combo can help you keep track of items in your bag, list down important addresses and maybe even help you doodle maps and directions if you’re feeling more creative. The biggest advantage a notepad and pen have over your smart phone? They don’t run out of batteries when you need them the most.

Swiss Army Knife
Having all the important tools you need in one, handy configuration inside your pocket at all times can be great to have during unexpected happenings and mishaps. A Swiss army knife is just the thing any prepared traveler shouldn’t leave home without, containing tools like screwdrivers, scissors, pliers, a flashlight, can opener and a multi-purpose knife in one tiny package. Just make sure it’s allowed by the local airports though.

Multiple Ziplock Bags
There is no such thing as “too many ziplock bags” when it comes to organizing your travel bags. These handy items keep everything inside essentially separated and protected from the potential chaos known as the inside of your travel luggage: tiny candies and snacks; liquid makeup products; shampoo containers juicy fruit slices; and more. Always have a sizeable one at hand for every journey you take.

An Eco/Tote Bag
Not everything can be handled by ziplock bags. For heavy souvenirs or fancy foreign groceries, an eco bag or tote bag is just the item for the job. When they aren’t in use, you can fold or roll them like you do with your clothes for handy packing. If you find yourself lugging too many items, just unfold it and enjoy the extra bag space you brought with you. It’s a lot better than relying on cheap, easy-to-rip plastic bags some stores supply.

Each item on this list has a specific purpose designed to give the mindful traveler an easier time overall when it comes to long journeys. Eliminating the stress of chaotic travel luggage frees you to enjoy your travels even more, making way for fruitful and fulfilling experiences.