Always Summer in the Philippines: Basking in Boracay

Mango Tours, together with friends from the world of social media, takes on the Always Summer in the Philippines Tour - a 10-day island adventure across the Philippine archipelago. From their arrival and tour around Manila's historic landmarks they continued their journey to Palawan, then hopped to the rustic land of Bohol and conquered the waters of Cebu. On this travel blog, the travel squad step in to paradise that is Boracay. An island adventure is never without baskin’ in the sun. And when in the Philippines, there’s no better way to do it than in the island of Boracay.
Philippine Airlines conveniently flew the group to the newly expanded Godofredo P. Ramos Airport or mostly known as the Caticlan Airport. Prior to the runway upgrade, smaller aircraft carrying about 60 passengers could only operate on the airport’s grounds. Since the Kalibo Airport hosts larger fleets, this was the usual route for tourists. However, it would take roughly 2-3 hours (combined land and sea travel) via the Kalibo route to get to the famed island. The group’s adventure in Boracay was in perfect timing now that facilities at the Caticlan Airport have been greatly improved.
group check in at Philippine Airlines counter
Department of Tourism welcomes social media influencers
speed boat to boracay island
After a 5-min speedboat ride and half an hour van transfer, white sands and clear water of Boracay was indeed a rewarding sight upon arrival at the group’s official home-base on the island – Astoria Boracay, with refreshing drinks, pretty leis, and warm smiles to greet them.
social media influencers welcome in astoria-boracay
social media influencers arrive in astoria boracay
Astoria is paradise within paradise - with its modern and stylish architecture and interiors, lush greens around, and beachfront setting along the fabulous Station 1.
garden astoria boracay
welcome drinks astoria boracay
lobby in astoria boracay
guestroom astoria boracay
guestroom astoria boracay
guestroom astoria boracay
astoria boracay
swimming pool at night in astoria boracay
room compliments of astoria boracay
crab dish astoria
white cafe astoria boracay
While some indulged at the luxury resort, a few enjoyed their night stays at one of the properties of Astoria Hotels & Resorts – the Currents by Astoria Boracay. Set on the most quiet area of the island, this trendy beach resort offered a more relaxed atmosphere while also offering a dynamic vibe as night falls.
lobby astoria current
astoria current
guestroom at astoria current
parasol restaurant at astoria current
beachfront at astoria current
dining at astoria current
chef cooking at parasol restaurant in astoria current
drone view of astoria current
The Boracay portion of the 10-day tour was designed to let everyone go on their own adventures. And of course, soon as everyone had settled in and freshened up, it was time to explore again!
Check out their whereabouts during the three-day island getaway:
Ashley Colburn and team takes on D’ Talipapa (wet/public market), where locals and tourist go to buy fresh catch of the day and have your pick of which restaurant will cook it.
seafood at d talipapa boracay
food trip at d talipapa boracay
Afterwards, heading over to the Puka Beach. With lesser crowd, tourists get to enjoy a more chill and laid back vibe of the island.
social media influencers at puka beach
social media influencers at puka beach
social media influencers shop at puka beach
Few of the social media ambassadors took a different kind of adventure – going for a spin ATV-style and conquering heights at the Mount Luho View Deck, known to be the island’s highest point offering a picturesque view of Boracay, its stunning waters, and nearby islets.
social media influencers ride the atv
social media influencers ride the atv
social media influencers at mount luho
Despite their own adventures at day time, the group come together by the end of the day to share stories over delicious feast. For their first night, the Parasol Beach Front at Currents treated them to a filling buffet-style dinner while enjoying a fire-dance performance by locals.
social media influencers dinner at parasol astoria current
social media influencers dinner balut challenge
social media influencers dinner at parasol astoria current
The Department of Tourism hosted the group’s last dinner on the renowned island at Sea Wind Boracay.
social media influencers dinner at seawind boracay
social media influencers dinner at seawind boracay
social media influencers dinner at seawind boracay
Who would wanna leave the island life, right? But after an amazing tropical experience, it was time to bid Boracay farewall and fly back to the bustling Manila where a sumptuous farewell dinner and a relaxing treatment await. More on the travel squad’s last few happenings in the city on next week’s travel updates.

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