Filipino Food Pick: Tamilok

This exotic Palawan delicacy is a delicious seafood favorite that tourists and locals alike just can’t get enough of! The dish is made of these long, grayish, worm-like creatures called Teredo worms or “Shipworms”. Despite the name, they are actually a type of saltwater clam that bores into water-immersed woods like in piers, rotting mangrove trees and sunken ships.
The worms are first extracted from their holed homes before they are cleaned and then marinaded in a mix of vinegar/lime juice along with chopped chili peppers and onions. People have cited that it tastes very oyster-like in both flavor and texture.
Here's blogger Corey Marshall aka Miss Foodie Problems on the tamilok food challenge:
Despite its less than savory looks, locals and tourists who love their seafood just can't get enough of this dish and its zesty flavors. It’s definitely a must try for people who are taking a trip to the natural shores of this Philippine isle.

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