Great On-the-go Snacks

On the go snacks
You may find yourself getting hungry during a long trip, but high prices on in-transit foods may be a bit more than what your budget can provide for you. How do you remedy this? By packing snacks to eat on-the-go.
While chips and other packaged snacks maybe handy and delicious, they may not be as filling and as good for you as you might think. Here are a few easy-to-pack alternatives that are good for you too:
On the go snacks
Whole Fruits
Nothing beats the delicious flavor of natural fruits! These naturally-grown bundles of deliciousness are good for you, providing you the energy and vitamins you need to keep healthy on the go while not filling your stomach with any unnecessary junk you might regret later on. Just wash and pack fruits with hard outer skins, like apples, orange, and pears and you've got a ready-to-eat snack handy.
On the go snacks
Granola bars
These are another great alternative to your usual junk foods while also being easy to eat even when you’re on a walk. Plus they're usually packed with other small bits of deliciousness like blueberries and almonds, helping add a little flavor to this fun and easy to eat, gluten-free snack.
On the go snacks
Nut mixes
Your local airline may provide you with a complimentary peanut pack for you to munch on while on the go, but tiny packs like that may not be enough to satisfy your hunger. Remedy this by making your own, large nut mix to take along. Use a handy ziplock bag and fill it with your favorite legumes: almonds, salted peanuts, cashews, pistachios, even honeyed walnuts.
On the go snacks
Tiny pretzels are the perfect bread munchables that can fill you up even with their tiny sizes and can be packed easily in small containers or ziplock bags. Be sure to bring a lot of water though as their well-liked saltiness can leave you feeling a bit dry when eaten extensively. For some added flavor, prep up the pretzels a few nights before you leave by drizzling it with some chocolate or honey for a tasty flavor contrast.
On the go snacks
Pre-packed Sandwiches
The tried and tested travel snack that’s perfect for almost any travel situation. While it does take a bit of prepping the night beforehand, it is the most filling of snacks while also being fully customized for the person who will be eating it.
Found any snacks you’d like to pack on your next journey? Just prepare it a couple of days before travel and you won’t ever hear your stomach growl during your long bus ride or plane journey.

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