Must-have Travel Sleep Aids

Travel Sleep Aids
Scientifically, we are required to have at least 8 hours of quality sleep a day in order to effectively recuperate from the daily grind we subject ourselves to and function to the best of our abilities. When traveling, though, sleep may be the one thing your body may need but your journeys may fail to provide. This especially true during a long-drawn flight with little bouts of turbulence. With the right items, though, you can sleep through your flight and regain some of the much-needed energy you need to get through the rest of your trip!
Here are a few tools that’ll help set you up for some in-flight slumber:
Travel Sleep Aids
Neck Pillow
A normal pillow may be good, but it doesn't have the support and compact nature of a good neck pillow. The way it curls around your head that even in an upright sitting position, your head is still properly cushioned and prepared for a good rest. Take it wherever you go so you can get some rest even in the stiffest of benches or seats.
Travel Sleep Aids
Eye Mask
Light can be one of the biggest factors that might keep you up during your flight, whether it's from the plane's built-in overhead lamps or the morning sun pouring in from the cabin windows. With enough darkness, your body will produce melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone, that will get you dozing in no time.
Travel Sleep Aids
Soft Hoodie
A thick and soft hoodie is perfect to keep away the cold of the in-travel air-conditioning at bay while also cushioning your body on your seat or benches. A hoodie is also a great choice of wear for multiple types of weather. Whether it's raining, snowing, freezing or windy wherever it is you are going to, a handy hoodie will keep your body protected.
Travel Sleep Aids
Much like the hoodie, the scarf is another item that helps lock in the natural heat of the body, keeping you warm even with the airplane air-conditioning on full blast. Wear it as a hood, wrap it around your neck, or even tie your hair with it. If it’s big enough, you can stretch it out and turn it into makeshift blanket.
Travel Sleep Aids
Sleeping Music/Sounds
Take some soft guitar tunes, classical music or ambient sounds with you on the trip and listen to them using some noise cancelling earphones so you can calm down better and easily doze off with little to no problem. Some people prefer much more natural sounds like sound of the ocean or the sound of rain.
With these handy tools, you'll be able to sleep more, or at least rest easier, no matter where you go. Rest is an important factor for tourists and travelers to have if they want to keep sicknesses at bay and have enough energy to go out and explore the way travelers should.

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