Vlogging Camera Buying Guide

Apart from blogging and taking photographs, one of the many ways of sharing content nowadays is through vlogging or video blogging. Beauty, travel, daily, and much more – with so many interesting things to share, it is important to know two things: (1) what area of interest you will be featuring; and (2) things to look for in a camera. And we’re going to discuss the latter in this blog.
According to professional reviews, here are the top things one should consider when looking to buy your vlogging camera:
  1. Lightweight and handy so you can easily bring it anywhere without having to worry about its bulk. And since you’re getting footage most of the time (especially for travel vloggers), you wouldn’t want to carry something that will tire you in the long-run. Compact cameras are a good choice in this case.
  2. Wide-angle lens (24mm and wider) is a plus since most of your footage will be shot at an arm’s distance. It’s best to use in order to capture the whole picture.
  3. Full HD video quality because amazing footage quality is a major draw for more viewers. Anything that records at 1080p is a great choice.
  4. Audio matters just as much as the image, so pick one that has a built-in microphone or an input for an external device. Also, a camera with a front-facing mic would be a better option compared to ones built on the side. Even if you have impressive cooking footage, viewers won’t watch a vlog episode to the end if the sound quality is poor simply because it won’t make sense.
  5. User-friendly cameras make the filming experience fun and easy. Is the lens interchangeable? And the controls strategically positioned? Does it have a touchscreen? Is it an articulated LCD or does it only flip 90 degrees? How is the auto-focus performance? If you’re an amateur vlogger, it’s best to choose one that will save you time and effort when vlogging.
  6. Optical Image stabilization (OIS) is ideal especially when you’re a travel vlogger. When you’re always on the move, you want to avoid producing a shaky or blurry video and a camera designed with OIS can result in a less wobbly footage.
  7. Good in low-light because who wants to risk a grainy/noisy video, right? Never miss out the opportunity of capturing stunning night-time scenes or the indoors just because your camera cannot record in low light.
  8. Fits your budget, of course! Given all the things to consider your budget should always be a priority. And with the constant advancement in technology, nowadays there are a lot of cameras with impressive features that won’t burn a hole in your pockets. Once you have considered the type of content or vlogs that you want to create, then you can finally look into the camera that suits your needs.
Here are some favorite gadgets used by famous vloggers:
aspyn ovard vlogging
Aspyn Ovard, Beauty and travel: Canon G7X Mark II
wil dasovich vlogging camera
Wil Dasovich: Canon 70D, GoPro
liane v. don benjamin vlogging
don benjamin vlogging camera
liane v. blogging
Liane V. and Don Benjamin, YouTubers: iPhone 7+ and Sony Digital Flip Screen Camera

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