5 Things That Make An Awesome Summer

Summer is just around the corner! Though it’s almost always sunny in the archipelago, April and May are the best months to hit the islands for that much-awaited tropical escapade . So before the typical beach-goer’s favorite season is in full swing, here are some things to keep in mind when planning out your vacation time:
Look for new travel destinations. Every summer has a story, so why not make this year’s tale a better one to tell. Steer away from mainstream destinations, unless busy crowds spoiling your fun doesn’t bother you. Explore places that you wouldn’t normally check out. The road less-traveled may end up giving you a new and exciting experience, so change your perspectives and try new things.
stand up paddle boarding in Loboc Bohol
Join events. Here’s alternative to popular summer holidays - events. Spending one of the year’s most exciting seasons doesn’t always have to be about trips but simply having a good time, even if you don’t have any faraway travel plans. Head over to the local community and find out how you can take part in events like fundraising, workshops, local concerts, and fairs. There’s nothing like spending your summer reaching out, giving back or simply engaging with people in your area while making heartwarming memories in the process.
cultural dance in Bohol
Plan in advance. The idea that summer is almost here makes you want to buy tickets, pack your bags and hit the road. But planning in advance provides a bigger picture to your overall vacation and can help in making the journey smoother with less unexpected bumps along the road. Looking over your itinerary before your adventures also help establish the cheapest yet most comfortable of hotels and inns you can stay in. There are so many advantages to advancing the groundwork of your off-time.
plan travel package
Shop. Now’s the time to hit the shops to make sure you’re ready for anything that comes your way during your adventures. Whether it’s a book you can read during a flight, a bag that’s handy for all kinds of situations, a pair of trendy sunglasses to avoid the bright sun, or some sunblock lotion for your sun-sensitive skin, shopping before the summer season can definitely be an fun experience (not to mention, summer sale!).
shop souvenir
Seek summer food specials. Who doesn’t love good food? This season is all about refreshing drinks and lip smacking goodness under the sun, courtesy of tropical fruits, vibrant salads, shakes, local grills and more. Research or ask recommendations from family and friends on the best dishes to try this season especially in a new destination because like they say - the best way to know your destination’s culture is through cuisine.
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Now think carefully about these many different elements and try to incorporate them into your trip. These suggestions will definitely help polish your summertime journey into something truly special with memories to be made and experiences to enjoy.

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