A Cebu Holiday

There is more to Cebu than the historical riches it holds.
Follow the banks of the river that lead to the captivating Kawasan Falls. Its strong gush falls into a pool of azure waters that makes for a perfect natural massage, a refreshing dip, or a jaw-dropping backdrop.
kawasan falls
Beautifully cool and blue
on the way to kawasan falls
kawasan falls waterfalls massage
Standing under the falls itself is like getting a massage from mother nature herself
briefing oslob whale shark encounter
Pre-swim orientations help people learn more about these gentle giants to avoid harming or stressing them
oslob whale shark encounter
The powerful yet gentle giant swims by
whale shark oslob
Getting up close and personal with the world's largest fish
Take your Cebu travels to the next level by swimming with the butanding, the largest fish in the world! Start the adventure with an orientation to learn about these gentle giants. Once everything is set, you’ll be ready to jump into the waters for a peaceful experience beside these friendly 15-ft whale sharks.
fish skin tacos zubuchon
The fish skin tacos are definitely one of the recommended items to try
No traveler should ever skip having a plate-full of Cebu's favorite dish, Lechon
After a fun-filled day, reward yourself with a hearty meal! When visiting the island, you can’t pass up the tasty roasted suckling pig, known as lechon. Head over to Zubuchon for a filling Cebu-style dinner.
crimson resort and spa mactan
aum spa crimson resort and spa mactan
beach front crimson resort and spa mactan
room crimson resort and spa mactan
fountain crimson resort and spa mactan
infinity pool crimson resort and spa mactan
cebu holiday
saffron cafe crimson resort and spa mactany
villas crimson resort and spa mactan
Complete your holiday at the Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan, where dining options, activities and first-rate spa offer nothing but fun and relaxation.
With the title of “Queen City of the South”, Cebu is undeniably a destination brimming with life and natural splendors to explore.
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