Blogging in 4 Easy Steps with LA Girl, Gwen Lane

How does somebody get into the wonderful world of blogging? We get tips from the popular blogger and The LA Girl herself, Gwen Lane, to help you get acquainted with the modern art of online publishing. Learn about how you can be the best blog writer in your own right with these great tips and suggestions:
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Have an editorial calendar. Gwen Lane shares that it’s always good to have a game plan when it comes to blogging: “Some of my content will not just be travel content but also the content that’s already scheduled, whether there’s stuff happening in LA, or if I have a fitness or something coming up on the blog so I just make sure that’s scheduled down already to publish at the time that I need it to publish.”
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Focus on your passions. Writing about your favorite things can make blogging a much more exciting and enjoyable experience than writing about something that does not interest or even bores you. Gwen Lane loves fitness and health, so she has the most fun writing those types of articles. Try to incorporate your fave subjects into most of the articles you have to give it a fun and fresh perspective, like maybe writing about your favorite souvenirs from different destinations or uncovering which celebrities have visited your favorite travel hot spots.
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Look for great things to feature (for social media). From the resort you’re staying in, to the culturally rich sites of the country you’re visiting, every destination has a story to tell. Take some time to ask around and do your research to uncover unique aspects of your trip like local customs, food or souvenir specialties and even old legends or stories tied to tourist spots. Play the part of the budding investigator and find a big scoop (and photo) you feel that your followers will enjoy.
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Definitely, don’t forget to have fun. A popular blogger like Gwen Lane also reminds us that blogging is a fun and exciting job as well: “It’s always great to always think what you’re going to write about but it’s also fun to experience it because when you’re writing your content then you’ll have a lot to say, you’ll have a lot to share especially the food and what it tastes like, people that you meet, and the stories that you learn.”
Got all that? While it may be a bit daunting at first, you’re sure to improve as long as you keep learning and practicing to make your personal blog better with each article or photo you post. Take inspiration (but don’t directly copy) from blogs you yourself find engaging and create an informative yet fun writing space that oozes with your own flair and personality!

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