Food Pick: Pan de Sal

Food pick pan de sal
There is beauty in simplicity. That is the main selling point of the Filipino’s favorite bread roll, the Pan de Sal (literally translating to “bread of salt”). It may seem very plain at first glance, which it is, but that’s the fun of it! With its mildly sweet taste and soft body, which may have a bit of a crunchy outer crust, you can add even more interesting flavors to it in a variety of ways!
Cut it in half and spread some jam on it to make a delicious sandwich! Mix in some pesto and some cheese before baking to make a zesty, Italian-style pan! Even something as simple as putting a small slice of cheese at the top before toasting it can make all the difference in delightful flavors!
Much like regular bread, ingredients are mixed and then baked to create this “poor man’s bread”. It is given this nickname because it is easy to prepare and the ingredients are not as expensive as other baked goods. As is the case, many bakeries improve upon this formula, making artisan or even premium pan de sal breads to show just how diverse it can be. Whether it’s a deliciously dipped into your breakfast coffee or spread with cream to be eaten as a snack, the Pan de Sal is a well-known bread that is eaten by Filipinos from different backgrounds and lives equally.

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