Global News: Coldplay in the Philippines, Jerusalem Tomb Restoration and More!

This week's What's Up Wednesday features stories about a famous British band's recent Philippine visit, the official reopening of an important monument in the Holy Land, and the reason why the Philippine archipelago will be getting ripe for some fun in the sun.
Coldplay's Successful Philippine Concert
17 Years after being formed, British pop-rock band Coldplay finally performed their very first Philippine Show on Tuesday, April 4, 2017. Before their big event, the group had a bit of fun during their quick stay in Manila, even making time to visit a cancer-stricken fan inb the hospital and promising to dedicate a song to him during their show. People flocked the stage as they finally got their chance to see this well-known band sing some of their best hits live. Among the participants were some famous stars in the Philippine media who were avid Coldplay supporters themselves. At the end, many fans agreed that the show was definitely worth watching.
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Weathermen: It's "Summertime" in the Philippines
The Philippine weather bureau officially declares the onset of the Philippine dry season. This means that the country's climate is about to get a little toastier with a few isolated rain showers here and there. This makes it a perfect time for people to cool off by hitting the beaches. Tourists are being advised to keep cool during this time, however, as the heat may get a little too hot on some days and may even result to El Nino or extremely dry and hot weather.
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Restoration of Jesus’ tomb
After months of renovation, what is recognized as one of the most significant site in all of Christianity – Jesus’ tomb in Jerusalem, has recently been reopened since undergoing renovations for months. The said US$ 3.4M restoration project, which was agreed by the three churches - the Greek Orthodox Church, Catholic Franciscans and the Armenian Apostolic Church, was finally completed and unveiled last March 23rd. Visiting this historic landmark would definitely be a dedicated and solemn way of celebration for this year’s Holy Week.
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