Guest Traveler: Kri-ventures in Thailand

Thai Temples
Majestic temples, colorful culture, and one amazing adventure, these are what you can expect when you visit Thailand. Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia and the country is known for their royal palaces, ancient ruins, and beautiful temples. And I’ve been lucky enough to experience the country with my friend, Madel, for one whole week.
coldplay tickets
Our game plan was to watch Coldplay live in Bangkok, see the temples in Chiang Mai, and have a great time! After arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport, we bought a SIM card (219 baht) so we could have an internet connection everywhere we went. I wouldn’t recommend buying one because it sucked. I couldn’t even use it for the whole trip. I guess one thing that it’s good for is texting our hotel that they should pick us up at the meeting place. There are a lot of caf├ęs or restaurants that have Wi-Fi, so I guess that’s the better alternative.
thai bus stop
We had to go to the bus terminal in Bangkok to get the bus tickets to Chiang Mai. Getting lost in another country is always an adventure, that’s what I believe in. So we had to take the train from the airport going to Phaya Thai (45 baht). Then from Phaya Thai, we had to take another train going to Mo Chit (9 baht). Because we were so adventurous, from Mo Chit we had to take the regular bus going to the bus terminal. We arrived there around lunch time and got to try one of their local foods, which we couldn’t pronounce, and it was really spicy (40 baht).
We bought our bus tickets to Chiang Mai (488 baht). We were seated at the front with our beer. And it took us about 9 hours to get to Chiang Mai from Mo Chit.
Airport Adventure
If I could live in any place, one of them would be in Chiang Mai. It’s so peaceful and beautiful and the food there was really healthy. I felt like I would become a vegetarian if I lived there.
Cozy Inn sign
Cozy Inn bed
We stayed in Cozy Inn (900 baht) for three days 2 nights with no breakfast (we wanted to eat outside every time). The place was really cute and they lived up to their name cozy, ‘cause I felt so comfy staying there.
We started our adventure by going to Wat Phra Singh (40 baht), good thing our Inn was near all the temples.
Tuk-tuk ride
It’s also easy to go explore Chiang Mai because of the tuk-tuks and public taxis, you can always ask for a discount when it comes to transportations. Also, you can go around the city by renting bikes and/or motors.
grand chedi
We got to see the Golden Chedi. It was magnificent, like a scene from a movie. At night, we went to Chiang Mai’s night market. It was lively and if you want to buy your pasalubong, there are many to choose from.
Day 1: Temples, Tuk-tuks, and Night Market
The next day we went to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep temple via private taxi (200 baht). You can always ride with others, but it can take a while to fill up the taxi.
Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep (30 baht) didn’t disappoint! It was beyond our wildest imaginations! You can go check out the amazing temple area for an hour or so.
That evening, we went to see an indie band live. We had so much fun and I danced with my newfound Thai pal. The band was awesome and the vibe was so chill. Everyone felt like friends to us.
On our last day in Chiang Mai, we went to the zoo (500 baht). It was the perfect way to end our trip there. Seeing the panda, Chuang Chuang, who’s a bit picky, feeding a giraffe, taking photos of awesome animals, and more, was a fun time!
After the zoo trip, we went to the bus terminal to get tickets for travel back to Bangkok, where the concert was held. We bought bus VIP tickets (500 baht) and drove back for 9 hours. We went to our hotel in Bangkok, Baron Zotel, for one night (600 baht) but we had to get our Coldplay tickets (7,000 PHP) at the Rajamangala stadium. Walking to the stadium was like death march because we didn’t expect it to be so far. So much for “being close by”… The opening of the gates was at 5 pm; we were there at around 4 pm and got to have late lunch.
coldplay concert
coldplay concert
coldplay concert
It was one of the best moments of my life, seeing Coldplay live and hearing my favorite song “Yellow”! We went home and had late dinner.
The next day, we were so sad to be leaving Thailand. Before leaving, though, we shopped at Platinum Fashion Mall, where all the best clothes are. You can get there by train then continue with a few minutes of walking. You can shop until you drop!
After our shopping frenzy, we took the train headed to the airport. At 6 am April 9, we were already in Manila, missing Thailand.
If you’re planning to visit Thailand, go for it! And I guarantee you that you’ll truly have an unforgettable experience!
P.S. What not to wear in the temples:
  • Shorts
  • Wide neck shirts
  • Sleeveless clothes
  • See-through shirts
  • Crop tops
However, the temples offer cover-ups (sometimes free, sometimes for rent). Shout out to Ms. Cherie from Mango Tours for helping me with my plane ticket!

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