Mango Tours Welcomes Garrett Gee in the PH

garrett gee with Mango Tours transfers service
The Bucket List Family’s Filipino-American Garrett Gee flew to the Philippines recently for a project collaboration with ABS-CBN International.
The Mango Tours transfers crew picked up the travel journalist, and his sister, Miristi, who both were brought to their official accommodation at the Manila Peninsula in Makati last month.
garrett gee and miristi gee in the phillippines
After selling Scan, a mobile scan app he co-founded, to Snapchat in 2014, Gee “sold everything for an adventure with the family.” According to official interviews with the 28-year old tech millionaire turned full-time traveler hasn’t touched the money he got from his Snapchat deal. With his frugal upbringing, Garrett and his family trips are funded through the money they made from their garage sale. And since then The Bucket List family – Gee, his wife Jessica, and two kids Dorothy and Manilla, have been exploring the world one destination at a time while also giving back to society.
These journeys are not just about having fun and sharing photos of the world’s amazing places, but also being able to pay forward. Gee doesn’t look at these adventures as vacations but a lifestyle of seeing the world and inspiring people instead. They also continue to anonymously donating funds to those in need and less fortunate whenever they could.
Having to go on adventures at a young age, the couple receive decries about spoiled lifestyle and parenting approach. Despite this, Bucket List Family constantly aims to educate and influence their young ones of living a life on the go and cultivating awareness of the world.
ABS CBN International’s Discovering Routes, a reality travelogue series, will feature Garrett together with the rest of the Gee siblings which airs on July 2017. Stay tuned!