Recipes with Mango Tours: Healthy Vegetarian Pasta

Olive Oil
Chicken soup stock
Parmesan cheese powder
Spring onion
Pre-coocked pasta linguini

Step 1. Pour some Olive oil into the pan and let it heat up a bit.
Step 2. Pour in diced onions, chopped garlic and some tomato slices and mix them around the pan.
Step 3. After they have cooked a bit (onion becomes a bit transparent), add some cut up eggplants. Continue stirring it around the pan as it cooks.
Step 4. Add a bit of salt and a little pepper to the mix and mix it up before adding the pre-cooked linguini. Make sure to stir it well and mix the veggies and spices with the noodles.
Step 5. Spoon in some chicken soup stock into the noodles and then add cut up, roasted bell peppers for more flavor. blend all the ingredients well!
Step 6. Finally, put some Parmesan cheese and some spring onion on top of it all and hey presto! it's finished.

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