A Letter To My Filipino Mother

A letter from the heart by Marianne T. Domingo

Letter filipino mother
Dear mama,
It always felt like you were so different from other moms. When we cried at school, instead of comforting us, you would call the security guard and tell us that he would take us away if we didn’t stop. When something was aching in my body, you would blame it on my nonstop computer gaming. When you bumped into other moms at the supermarket, you would spend hours chitchatting about your lives. Your jokes are quite too corny, yet they never fail to get me rolling on the floor and laughing out so loud. You are so different yet so unbelievably amazing, mama.
I've had a lot of questions playing in my mind. Were you even delighted when you knew you were pregnant with me? Were you excited to buy nursery clothes and feeding bottles? What was your reaction when you discovered the gender of your baby? Did you get mad at me for crying all night asking for milk? Did you ever, ever think of giving up on me?
I would've thought, of course you did. I was a rebel. I failed you a lot of times. I shouted when you did, and talked rudely when you called out my faults. I didn’t obey your instructions and ignored you when you asked me to do household chores. I got mad when you didn’t give me what I wanted. I was probably 99% of the reason why you were stressed most of the time.
But why, mama? Despite the many mistakes I made, why did you still cherish me and forgive me? Why did you get up at 3 am to cook my lunches and prepare my things for school all those years? Why are you always there when I need you even today?
This mother's day, I’d like to honor you, my beautiful and loving mama. You are a blessing that I will forever be thankful for. Your unconditional love gives me the strength to conquer life while your smile gives me the courage to embrace the hardships. Because of you, I never felt alone because I would remember that our bond defies even the farthest of distances.
Thank you, mama, for the never ending support. Thank you for enduring the pain of giving birth to and raising me with all that you have. Thank you for all your hugs, your kisses, and your jokes. They say mothers are a light and I think it's true. You give life to our family and I could not imagine living without you in it.
I know apologizing will never be enough, but I'm sure that you would prefer me saying I love you, rather than Sorry because, for you, love is truly what’s important. I dream of being like you someday, mama. You are a role model that I always look up to.
For all the things that I've done wrong, whether it brought you to tears or made you laugh, I am thankful you still cared for us despite all that. If I had the chance to choose a mom, I would always choose you. No questions asked.
Happy Mother's Day, mama. You are a superwoman.
I love you.

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