Cathay Pacific Economy Class Experience

Route: Manila-San Francisco (1-stop)
Class: Economy
Flight duration: 15 hours 55 min
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Cathay Pacific is the flag carrier of Hong Kong and a member of the oneworld global airline alliance. It was voted as Airline of the Year 2014 and has won the World’s Best Airline award four times. Through its impeccable service, Cathay Pacific has continued to secure its position in the recent 2016 World’s Top 10 Airlines.
My flight departed from Manila at Ninoy International Airport Terminal 3 and I was able to check-in two hours early. The process was a breeze and the ground staff were very kind and professional.
Fairly organized and almost on time - there is no other way they could have handled it. A few minutes of delay didn't matter so much as both my arrival times were on point if not a little ahead. Two-thumbs up!
cathay pacific economy seat
I have flown economy class on Saudi Arabian Airlines, Northwest Airlines, All Nippon Airways, United Airlines, and Air China, most of which have offered pleasant flying experience. But with Cathay Pacific, there’s a distinct comfort which instantly gives you a cozy feel. I was assigned to the seat by the exit row offering me plenty of legroom, which I enjoyed even for the short two-hour flight to Hong Kong.
window seat view
I had a window seat during my long-haul flight to San Francisco and the experience was nothing short of comfortable and convenient. Its seat cradle mechanism with extended legroom provided me the comfort I needed to move well while I sleep, watch, and eat. For someone who loves to keep their important things in reach during long hours of travel, the organized storage is indeed pretty helpful.
cathay pacific economy class
Inflight Entertainment
For someone who easily gets bored on flights, Cathay Pacific is doing an awesome job in keeping its passengers entertained. The CX Studio Inflight Entertainment offers a wide variety of movies, TV shows, music selections as well as video games.
Movies watched: Moana, Split, Collateral Beauty, Girl on the Train, Star Wars: Rogue One
cathay inflight entertainment cathay pacific inflight entertainment
Soon as passengers have settled in their seats, the flight attendants would go around handing out forms, in-flight sale brochures and last but not the least the onboard menu, which I think is quite fancy. The meals were served fairly hot, tasty and not bland, which has usually been my concern with airline meals.
cathay pacific food snack
Snack (during the first flight): Chicken Kaldereta wrap, fruit juice, and a cookie
cathay pacific food lunch
Lunch: Penne pasta and Asiago cheese sauce (vegetarian choice), ice cream, bread and butter (served afterwards)
cathay pacific food dinner
Dinner: Minced beef, peas, broccoli, carrots, and steamed jasmine rice, chocolate cake, bread and butter
Connecting flight
With an approximate of 50-min layover time in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific was by far the most affordable and ideal airfare I found online especially I had to fly out in two days.
Manila to Hong Kong: 2 hours, 25 mins
Layover: Hong Kong International Airport, 55 minutes
Hong Kong to San Francisco: 12 hours, 35 min
Having a short layover time can definitely be a good thing - yes to no long hours of waiting. But it can also be bad news - any little delay could mean you might miss your connecting flight. About half an hour before our plane landed, connecting flights and their respective departure gates were flashed on our screens. Since I have never been to Hong Kong International Airport, it was a challenge for me to figure out how to beat time. But the CX Studio Inflight Entertainment features the airport’s map, which was definitely a big help to first-time travelers to the airport.
cathay pacific hong kong airport map
Upon arrival, the airport’s ground staff were ready to give you the warmest of welcome as they assist passengers with connecting flights of their departure gate details. Soon as they have provided us with directions, we were on our own. A one-stop transit ride took me to the designated security screening before I proceeded to my departure gate (just in time for the final call).
cathay pacific layover final call hong kong international airport
With outstanding service and value for money and time, you can never go wrong with Cathay Pacific. Flying on its economy class have provided me a pleasant travel experience, this gives me more reason to continue exploring the world with Cathay Pacific.
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