Filipino Food Pick: Sorbetes

Filipino Food Pick Sorbetes
Halo-halo, while a very popular choice of summertime snack in the Philippines, isn’t the only way to beat the tropical archipelago’s heat. There’s a deliciously creamy snack that can keep you cool called sorbetes or dirty ice cream.
Despite its name, it is actually a tasty iced treat that poses no threat to your health whatsoever. It is loved by people of most walks of life in the Philippines, carted around by peddlers for people to buy and enjoy on their days out. The secret lies in the main ingredient: coconut milk! While most ice cream is made from animal produce, the Filipino variant is made from sweet, plant-based juices.
There are a multitude of flavors too, ranging from strawberry, mango, melon, jackfruit, avocado, and even commercial flavors like chocolate or cookies and cream. It can be scooped into a small plastic cup, a regular cone, a sugar cone or even on a bread bun. However you choose to eat it, it will still be a creamy delight you can enjoy on the go while exploring the Southeast Asian islands.

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