Fresh Philippine Adventures!

Fresh Philippine Adventures
Once you’ve visited all of the most popular beaches and snapped all the well-known Philippine attractions across the islands a couple of times, travel to the tropical archipelago may tend to feel a bit stale sometimes. Maybe fun and exciting roads that are less traveled is what your adventuring heart is craving.
If you’re looking for such Philippine destinations, then you’re reading just the right article! We list down some of the Philippine islands and activities most Philippine tourists miss out on while in the country. Be sure to check them out yourself and experience an all new side to the Philippine adventure.
Fresh Tours Dumaguete turtle
A cultivated provincial capital and known to be a “University Town” (due to the number of schools found there), the large number of expatriates living in the area means that Dumaguete is quite cozy to people from foreign lands. Dumaguete is a very calm escape that can give you the space you need from the hordes of people swarming the beaches during vacation time.
Visitors can enjoy touring the local universities to explore the educational history of the island. Watching the beautiful sunset at Rizal Boulevard is also a relaxing activity tourist can enjoy. For swimmers, Apo Island is just a few kilometers away. You can enjoy some snorkeling and diving for a fee that helps contribute to the beautiful reef and marine life preservation.

Fresh Tours Whale Shark
Oslob, Cebu
While Cebu is one of the more popular flagship island destinations, Oslob is one of the islands close by that has a lot of untapped tourism potential.
Their most popular activity to date is the swimming with the Whale Sharks, giving you a chance to get close to these aquatic giants AND cool off from the tropic heat. If you enjoy a bit of history, you can also explore The Cuartel, a building, unfinished since 1898, made of coral rocks. You can do even more sightseeing at the Baluarte Ruins as well.

Fresh tours sunken cemetery
Cagayan de Oro
Cagayan de Oro is another island attraction in the Philippines where you can explore for the first time. The climate is a lot cooler compared to most of the island archipelago, so it's definitely a welcome relief to visit if you’ve been having too much fun under the sizzling sun.
Nature parks up in the mountains are a great way to appreciate the around you while trying out zip line rides and more. Hardy adventurers will enjoy the extreme water rafting fun, which can be experienced with friends and family as well.

Fresh Tours paddleboarding
The rustic charm of Bohol makes it another one of the Philippines most popular tourists spots, but even something familiar can become new when you experience it in a different way.
While the Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier Sanctuary are some of the most visited attractions across the island, there are much more to experience and enjoy. Try making a splash in some of the well-known diving spots around the waters. You can also opt to try a Stand up paddle tour around bodies of water like the Loboc River to explore the area at your own pace.

Fresh Tours Mayon Volcano
With deliciously spicy dishes and enticing water spots that are for snorkeling or surfing Bicol is another fun place to pick for your vacation. Mix watersports fun with a hunt for some good eats in this exciting little region.
Try embarking on a Kulinarya Tour and search for some of the well-known treats recommended by the locals. You can also try diving and swimming around a sunken Spanish Galleon 3 kilometers from Buhatan Beach. For some natural sightseeing, there’s the Mayon Volcano which makes a beautiful backdrop for many photos.
With around 7,641 islands, there’s still a lot of things to do and places you may not have even heard of to explore. Only those who put in the effort reap the most rewards, so grab a guidebook, search online, and really get cracking to explore some of the hidden gems these collections of islands still keep hidden away.

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