Recipes with Mango Tours: Sukiyaki

Sliced carrots
Chopped lettuce
Carved shiitake mushrooms
Chopped negi (welsh onions)
Strips of US beef
Pre-cooked udon noodles
Bonito flake soup stock
A cup of soy sauce
A tablespoon of sugar
A cup of sake wine
Step 1: Pour bonito soup stock with the soy sauce, sugar, and sake into pot above a small stove and mix it before letting it heat up.
Step 2: Add the lettuce, mushrooms, negi, and carrots in any order. Again, let it heat up a bit while mixing it a little. Put the cover back on and let it sit for a while.
Step 3: Once the soup and veggies have heated up nicely to a slow boil, quickly add a small beef slice into the soup. Once it turns brown, remove it from the mixture quickly while it’s still soft, being careful not to cook it more than necessary. Add some udon after the beef strips are done cooking.
Step 4: Put pieces of beef, noodles, and vegetables into a bowl then slowly add some of the soup stock. Itadakimasu! Your sukiyaki is done.

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