Sirena: Isla Pandan Resident Tour Guide

Isla Pandan is one of Puerto Princesa’s many beautiful islands at the Honda Bay. This small yet most developed island offers tourists a day’s experience of paradise. There’s the soft, white sand beach, clear waters and tall Pandan trees (where it got its name), and then there’s Sirena, the island’s resident tour guide.
Mostly seen chilling by the beach or beside huts near the tourists, the friendly dog is more than just and a resident of the island. Showing no discomfort despite limping on a hind leg, her energetic and happy disposition is loved by everyone she welcomes on the island. Some say she was born with the disability while others say she might have had an accident.
With a energetic bark, Sirena proudly leads the way to the other interesting side of the island, a sandbar. She takes stops and would wait for tourists who keep up with her pace and even take a dip with them in the surrounding waters.

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