That's So Pinoy: Wedding Superstitions

wedding superstitions
It's finally June! Aside from the start of school and the rainy season, it's also the month for weddings in the Philippines. Some people say June brides are lucky. For whatever reason, there is no proven fact. But what's proven is that Filipinos have a couple of superstitious beliefs before, during and after the wedding and here are some of them:
Sukob. Sukob is something that couples need to avoid. It happens when two siblings got married within the same year. It is believed that it will bring bad luck to the family of the couples so, they should plan their wedding way ahead to inform other family members about it.
Eight and zero. In feng shui, the numbers 8 and 0 symbolize eternity and money. Most couples would marry on these dates to ensure everlasting marriage and abundance.
Bridal bouquet. Anyone from the principal sponsors who is unmarried may remain single for the rest of his/her life. The single woman who will catch the bridal bouquet is the one next-in-line to marry.
Pearls. Brides should not wear pearls as these symbolize tears. If not stopped, she will mourn for her marriage forever.
Gowns. It is also forbidden for the bride to fit her gown days before the wedding for this will bring bad luck and the wedding won't push through. The bride will also do the adjustments and final touches of her gown because allowing someone to do it will bring unhappiness. With these superstitious beliefs in mind, we can't be sure that everything works out for everyone. The only thing we need to remember is that what will happen after the wedding will depend on how the couple will treat each other. Moreover, even before the wedding, they should be ready physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially for marriage is a lifetime commitment and it requires sacrifices and unconditional love.
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