The Rustic Bohol

Lose yourself in the lap of nature in Bohol.
Delight in peaceful moments at a little village-like area located next to the Stand-up Paddleboard Tours Philippines Paddle Center.
firefly fox village
Cruise the jade green waters of the Loboc River to start off your adventure. The stand-up paddle boarding offers more relaxation than action and is sure to fascinate adventure-seekers and nature lovers.
loboc river
loboc river cruise
Interesting stops along the way let you swing from a thick rope into the river and allow quick cultural immersions with locals.
cultural immersion
Continue your journey as you take a flight of steps to the observatory deck which offers a view of the hills shaped like chocolate kisses. Scattered by the thousands through several towns in Bohol, the Chocolate Hills are truly a work of nature.
chocolate hills observatory deck
Enjoy a scenic drive along the two-kilometer stretch of lush Mahogany trees. This captivating sight is worthy of a photo which resembles a lovely movie scene.
mahogany forest
mahogany forest highway
Bohol is rich in biodiversity, making it home to unique animals like the Philippine tarsier. See them up-close at their own habitation in the Tarsier Conservation Center.
philippine tarsier
Find yourself in a haven where the blend of luxury and natural beauty envelops you in serenity at the Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa in Panglao Island.
eskaya infiniy pool
"The name Eskaya comes from the indigenous people of Bohol – the Eskayan Tribe. Eskaya is a showcase of genuine Filipino architecture and hospitality," shares Eskaya Chief Operating Officer Ralph Lim.
eskaya family villa
eskaya breakfast
Among the many stunning travel destinations in the Philippines, Bohol's rustic charm is truly what makes it a wonder to behold.
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