Travel Review: Marco Vincent Resort

by: Martin Jason L. Ita-as
On my first trip to Puerto Galera, I had the opportunity to stay at the marco Vincent Dive Resort, a place that offers quite a lot for people who are planning to stay in the island, dive-enthusiast or not. I’ll give you the details of my quick stay in this relaxing place.
First Impressions
Upon arrival, I was surprised how small it looked on the outside. It was set a few paces away from the beach in a straight street leading towards the heart of the island. But never judge a book by its cover.
Travel Review Marco Vincent
The inside was adequately spacious, quite clean and very pleasing to the eyes. The light colors of the surroundings definitely helped me feel a bit more relaxed and kind of cooled off the tropical heat we were pelted with outside.
All the Basics
Travel Review Marco Vincent
First thing we did upon arrival was check out the building. It had around 3 floors, the first two containing rooms and other facilities while the last one had available spaces for meetings or gatherings. There was also a small buffet area at the top which was used only for breakfast time.
Travel Review Marco Vincent
There was also a small pool at the center of the entire building. It was pretty spacious for a resort of this size and was a lot of fun to swim in at night. And finally, we get to the rooms, which were also quite adequate. The beds were spacious enough and furnished quite well, but the mattresses were quite firm. There was a also a TV to entertain you if it was too hot to go out. With 38 of these rooms available for booking, there probably won’t be any problem if you decide to bring a big group along.
Dining and Diving
Aside from the breakfast buffet area up top, there were also a couple of restaurants guests have access to. First is located in the resort itself, El Patio, the poolside restaurant. Its cafe-like setting is definitely a relaxing place to dine in and the dessert had both presentation and flavor. If you want to eat closer to the beach, there’s also a Beachfront Restaurant and Cafe! The seafood dishes we tried there were pretty good and we quickly stuffed ourselves with the food ordered.
Travel Review Marco Vincent
But what is a diver’s resort without a little diving? Really close to the main resort building is a Dive Center where interested guests can train in the ways of the diver before graduating and exploring the real waters. Because they promote this underwater activity, Marco Vincent can hook up guests with trips to some of the choice diving spots around the island. We didn’t get to dive ourselves, but we did get to explore some of the bodies of water where avid divers could enjoy sinking into.
It was definitely an enjoyable stay for our group even if we weren’t diving enthusiasts. It may seem a tad bit small at first, but you gradually get used to the surroundings and facilities the longer you stay. The walk to the shoreline isn’t all too bad either, but try to avoid walking in the noontime because the lack of shade during the walk can really exhaust you. Overall, it wasn’t a bad place to stay in during our time in that particular region. In fact, I relaxed quite a lot and enjoyed my stay while there.

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