Airport Layover: Things To Do

airport departure gates
Most of the time, travelers dread the idea of long layovers (around 5+ hours or even more!), but it’s not all bad. Here are few interesting ideas that could change the way one views these long, in-between travel stops, and perhaps eventually layovers could be one of the things to look forward during travels.
Freshen up!
Have you ever sticky and sweaty after hours of waiting, traveling and moving around? If you have a long layover, one way to feel good before taking on another flight is to shower. Nothing beats a refreshing wash while on a waiting on your next departure. While shower facilities may be missing from a few, major airports are often designed with this relaxing option to make sure passengers continue a convenient and enjoyable traveling experience. Some may be free of charge, others require a certain fee like the pay-in lounges that covers bathroom essentials like soap, shampoo, and towels. For airport who don’t have showers, information center can recommend airport hotels that offer the use of showers and other wet area facilities.
Not everyone gets a good rest sleeping on planes. For some people, it can even be impossible. A quick eye-shut during a layover goes a long way, so why not doze off while on the ground? Factors that contribute to every traveler’s comfort varies – from preferences and experiences to situations presented. Compared to a plane seat, travelers usually prefer to rest at the airport on a terminal bench, usually next to a closed gate (fewer people means quieter and more spaces to stretch those leg). Some airports offer travelers the privilege of enjoying a more convenient experience of catching 40 winks through dedicated sleeping quarters.
Not tired or sleepy during layovers? Now is the perfect opportunity to catch up on an unfinished book or start a new one altogether. The secret is to bring your favorite book or something you’ve been planning to read with you so that you can indulge in some convenient literature time. You’re traveling to a new place, why not let a book short enough to finish in a day whisk you to another interesting world for the time being?
Eat and drink
Airplane foods aren’t usually savory or well-prepared. While food sold at airports could be quite pricey, there are some worth the price and are satisfyingly decent. Nowadays with an increasing number of food lovers traveling across the world, airports have taken their dining services to a whole new level. In fact, the best way to get a taste of a destination is through food so why not grab the opportunity to experience local eats while on a layover? Make dining at the airport an experience!
Get out of the airport and explore the destination! Some airports offer what they usually call “transit tours” for free. While there are countries that require a visa, some of these adventures offer layover passengers visa-free transit. Doing a DIY layover tour is also a great option. It can be a challenge to pull off, so it is important to plan ahead. Learn about the location of the airport and sights to see, transportation, traffic condition and other important factors to consider for a successful transit tour because who wants to be left by their next flight.
meet people
Meet people
On a layover for the first time? It would be a nice opportunity to meet new and interesting. There are two things you can often encounter during your waiting period– a dull conversation or an interesting chat which can be advantageous. Chances of meeting an approachable stranger by the departure lounges, either a local or a new visitor of the destination, are higher. The exchanging of travel tips and stories can be a conversation starter. If your aim is to get to know people, avoid wearing earphones which usually send a “do not disturb” message to others. The airport is an avenue to create connections – new friendships, chance encounters or simply meeting someone who shares the same passion for traveling.
Not sleepy? If you’re bored and feel the need to get those feet to walking before another long flight, simply go window shopping. This is a good chance to: a. find and buy something that you forgot to pack, b. stretch the legs and, c. kill a few hours of your layover. With so many interesting finds in the airport shops, there could be something worth looking into. You can find additional souvenirs for your travel collection, a present for a relative, or maybe a rare find only sold at certain airports. However, be reminded too that carry-on luggage is limited and it is important to keep a budget.
Business as usual
Catch up on some last minute work. As an airline club member, one can enjoy the perks of a fast internet connection, comfortable seats and snacks or beverages. Who knew work while traveling could be so relaxing? These lounges provide an area devoid of distractions or discomfort, so doing some light work while on a layover has become a great way to make the most of your stop.
Work out
Keep that blood pumping after a long flight by doing some stretches or climbing the floors with your carry-on luggage as weights. Even if you aren’t a health buff, you’ll need to stretch and de-stress since traveling can really do a number on your body. If there are airport hotels nearby, head over to information or search in advance for work out facilities that can provide a convenient means of breaking a sweat during your wait. Since airports offer travelers many means of relaxation, why not get a soothing massage too?
airport lounge
Layovers don’t need to be boring. Doing research prior traveling offers a good foresight of how a to spend time during layovers. Once you’ve got the information, it’s all up to you on how to spend your time while waiting for the upcoming flight.

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