Ashley Colburn features the Philippines

Two-time Emmy award-winning TV producer and host Ashley Colburn recently partnered with Mango Tours in exploring the fascinating islands of the Philippines.
Uncover the beauty that makes Philippines a traveler’s favorite global destination as Ashley travels to some of the country’s highlights: Palawan’s World Heritage Site, Underground River, Bohol’s Chocolate Hills, Boracay’s beloved white sand beaches, the spectacular waters of Cebu and Manila’s prominent historical landmarks. Her travels from island to island across the famed archipelago will not only take your breath away but will promises to take you on a delightful gastronomic experience!
According to Ashley, “I would say right now if I were to describe how people wanna see the world they really want to see you having experience in a destination that they can also have. She adds that “this is the way that viewers are able to connect with me and then go on a similar tour that they see me doing in the program. So I try to have it be as real as possible.”
If you haven’t experienced the Philippines yet, there’s no better way to discover this destination than through the eyes of a travel expert.

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