Balitang America: The Flavor of Authenticity

With its elegant presentation and refined flavors, it’s no wonder why people fan over Japanese cuisine. And that statement holds true to both the locals and guests in a country that’s a melting pot of cultures, the Philippines.
kitsho sake and bar facade
No other Japanese restaurant in the nation’s capital keeps it as authentic as Kitsho & Sake Bar in Hotel Jen. Located within Roxas Boulevard at Pasay City, Manila, this restaurant welcomes you with a refreshing vibe right upon entering.
kitsho and sake bar
kitsho sake and bar restaurant interior
kitsho sake and bar design
kitsho sake and bar restaurant interior
kitsho sake and bar restaurant interior
The restaurant’s Asian decor is a look back at owner Chef Masahiro Mizumoto’s heritage, who was born in Tokyo. A dedicated chef for 30 years who even holds a license to prep poisonous pufferfish under his belt, you can expect every dish prepared to be hand-picked and fresh.
sukiyaki cooking demo
sukiyaki cooking demo
“We offer really fresh seafood. I buy the seafood by myself. So I highly recommend seafood for our clients.”
-Chef Masahiro Mizumoto, Executive Chef and Owner
From delightful sashimi to savory sukiyaki, the flavors reach a whole other level from local Japanese restaurants. That’s because the chefs pay close attention to the ingredient’s freshness and even import some directly from the cuisine’s country of origin.
japanese food products
Chef Masahiro explains: “in Japan, we have a 4 seasons.We can prepare the seasonal menus for our clients. If guests want, it just request to us ah a few days ago so I can buy the ingredients in Japan by season.”
japanese ice cream
japanese bento box
With such an authentic Eastern vibe and taste, it’s definitely a food lover's delight to visit if you’re craving for a bona fide Japanese meal even while enjoying the warmth of the tropical country. So grab a seat, pour the sake, and prepare to give your tongue a taste of the real Orient.
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