Global News: Airport Therapy Dogs, Canada's Birthday and More!

Happy Birthday Canada!
Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the unification of the British colonies as one this July 1st, Canada is making its birthday for the year 2017 one to remember with all kind of fun travel ideas for tourists. From railway adventures to National Park trips, you'll definitely have a good reason to book yourself a Canadian adventure.

airport dogs
Fuzzy Airport Therapy
Airports around the US are starting to include Therapy Dogs in their list of available services. These canine companions are trained to interact and keep stressed travelers company during their waiting times. Guests can approach these lovable pooches for full-on snuggle sessions that'll just melt the frustrations one can experience mid-journey.

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PH shows growth in travel demand
Despite the concerns of the militant groups in the Philippines, there is a significant growth in the demand among Southeast Asian travelers according to Expedia's data. Some of the contributing factors to this change in travel demands include millennials as a large portion of the travel audience; a shift in travel preference; rise in low airfares, and new direct flights to island destinations.
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