Global News: NY Times Summer Destinations, Auckland's 50 volcanoes and more!

Mermaid-lovers' Cafe

The Mermaid Island Cafe located in Pathum Thani, Thailand is the place to be if you dream of being surrounded by bright and colorful mermaid-themed snacks and drinks that are just oh so social media-worthy. If you love everything about the mystical maidens of the sea, you'll definitely want to travel to Thailand and give this establishment a visit! All you gotta do is book your Thailand trip HERE!
Auckland New Zealand

Auckland: Land of the Fifty(ish) Volcanoes

Travelers will be surprised to know Auckland is actually surrounded by around 50 volcanoes all around it! If you’ve got a trip to Auckland planned in the near future, don’t worry! These volcanoes are dormant and have a very low chance of erupting. Experts say that even the existing volcanoes are not expected to erupt at all. Experience Auckland NOW!

Hot Summer Destinations

Summer is almost there! With irresistibly low fares popping up lately, why not travel to a new and exciting destination? You never know but your dream vacation might be among the popular holiday spots as recommended by the New York Times. And we got you covered with 2 of 5 awesome summer destinations HERE!

Safe and Protected Travels

A lot of things happen anywhere at anytime. And travels, where a big chance of unexpected things can happen, are no exceptions. With flight cancellations, Nowadays, many travelers are protecting their investments and of course themselves from the uncertainty during trips. Since travel insurance plans vary by policies, it is important to know which coverage fits the needs of your kind of vacation. We owe ourselves the relaxation we deserve, just as we want security during our adventures. Some people might not see the importance of getting travel insurance since it seems like another unusable expense, but it’s wiser to be prepared and protected than racking a lot of travel debts. Travel with a peace of mind, insure your travel.

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