Japanese Food Guide

New to the world of Japanese treats and flavors? While not entirely exotic, in an ingredient sense, the food from the Land of the Rising Sun is far from ordinary. From their crisp flavors to their beautiful arrangements on the platter. We give you a little look-see into the world of Japan’s cuisine:
japanese food sushi
Sushi is one of the most well-known of Japanese foods out there. It has become synonymous to japanese culture itself. It is a dish made of vinegared rice topped or filled with different ingredients such as seafood, vegetables, or even fruit. It’s usually served with pickled ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce while daikon radish is usually used as garnish.
japanese food sashimi
Often confused with sushi, sashimi is a whole new ballpark when it comes preparation. In its basic form, it’s raw fish that has been cleaned properly and sliced into thin cuts. The seafood varies from salmon, to squid, to shrimp, to tuna, and even whale. Octopus is also another variation of sashimi, but it sometimes has to be cooked given that the tentacles still move around even when severed from the body. Sometimes it can be served with rice and miso soup.
japanese food sukiyaki
This is a Japanese hot pot dish that is It consists of meat, often beef that is thinly sliced, which is then slowly cooked or simmered at the table, alongside veggies (sometimes cut into flowers), noodles and other ingredients. It is boiled in a soup mixture of soy sauce, sugar, and mirin, which seeps into the meat and vegetables to further flavors them thoroughly. This dish is often cooked in the middle of the dining table when prepared at home so that the attending eaters can cook and pick which parts of the dish they want.
japanese food bento
Usually a home packed meal that has multiple food items put into different compartments of a plastic or lacquered container. A traditional bento holds rice, fish or meat, with pickled or cooked vegetables for a healthy and delicious meal. Since this meal is fully customizeable, some creative chefs or parents pattern the food into cartoon characters or adorable little messages for young kids who still go to school.
japanese food uni
Sea Urchin
Known as “Uni” (oo-nee) in Japan, it is a dish made out of the edible parts of a sea urchin. There are multiple ways to prepare it, from using it in sushi and sashimi, flavoring egg dishes or soup, and even served as it with some soy sauce or wasabi. The Japanese love it so much that they import it from other countries.
Is your mouth watering yet? Japanese cuisine is in a league all on its own and is enjoyed by culturally experienced people and foodies alike. It’s distinct textures and flavors mixed with attention to detail when it comes to arrangements give these dishes a distinct thumbprint in the world of food.

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