Travel Review: Mabuhay Manor

Traveling is always a little more fun when the family is around to share in the excitement. Even in the crowded and busy cityscape, there’s a place that has the size and the attractions that are sure to show your clan some fun while they stay in the lively streets of Manila.
Mabuhay manor 1
lobby games
First Impressions
Upon further exploration, the Mabuhay Manor definitely exceeded my expectations. The building definitely fit within the surrounding street. Upon entering, the lobby area seemed a little busy. People playing games in the gaming area, people lining up to hey their rooms fixed up for their stay, and, of course, the busy staff members making sure that the guests who were checked-in were lead straight to their respective rooms or villas. I did notice a lot of foreigners around the lobby as well. This rings true with the accommodation claim of being balikbayan-friendly.
Mabuhay manor 2
Bigger on the Inside
I was quite surprised how much bigger the accommodation area was, despite the seemingly small building size at first glance. The main building, the house-like structure in the middle of it all, was just one small part of the full structure, with rooms and other amenities located in a building surrounding the lobby.
room 1
room 2
All of the rooms were quite spacious and comfy, some with dual beds and others with more. You can definitely find a room that can fit families of most sizes there.
Fun Features
Fun features in the hotel include some fun family-friendly attractions: a spacious pool, karaoke rooms, a restaurant with a full Filipino-themed buffet (for those nostalgia-hunting balikbayans). There’s even a spa area that you can visit too if you want to unwind and un-knot those weary travel muscles of yours.
gym area
karaoke room 1
karaoke room 2
Lobby tables
sinigang food
spa building
There are also local games to play and computers to contact your loved ones back at home in the main lobby area. There is definitely a bunch of things to try if you decide to have a fun little staycation within the area.
In Conclusion
While it is not as grand as the high end, modern hotels of the new age, Mabuhay Manor has a delightful and rustic Filipino charm to it. This is perfect, though as their main market are balikbayans who have a hankering for the nostalgic Filipino ways or foreigners who have a curiosity for the Filipino culture. Its location within Pasay City also means that it’s quite close to all of the necessary destinations and amenities a traveler wants: bus stops, the MRT (a train system) and proximity to a couple of major airports. Definitely handy when staying in the populous city area.

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