Travel Tips for Your Pet

Travel trips aren’t just limited to human companions. Your pets can make great partners as well when you decide to go out of town for a while. But unlike people, pets need a little extra care when you decide to take them with you wherever it is you plan to go. Keep your animal companions safe and sound while on the move with awesome tips that every pet owner should be aware of:
Packing for Pets
While you prep for your own needs, don’t forget to pack for your fuzzy little friend as well. Make a thorough checklist of everything your furry pal will need during the trip: poop cleaning plastics, grooming supplies, dog shampoo and soap, dog toys, blankets, pet pillows, and any medication they’ll need to take while traveling.
Keep Them Restrained
While you may be tempted to let your fuzzy little bundle do as they like in your car during road trips, it’s a lot safer and easier to keep them in a kennel or to get a pet seatbelt to keep them in place. And while it may seem a little sad or even cruel, just remember that these animals can’t grip or stop themselves like we can with our opposable thumbs and all. Keeping them tied up will stop them from flying all over the place when you suddenly stop the car or hit a bump.
Avoid Pre-travel Feeding
Much like how you shouldn’t eat too much before a long journey, avoid feeding your pets at least a couples of hours before your travels. A full belly on a bumpy ride can make your dog feel sick and maybe make them cause an accident all over the vehicle floor. Also, less water before the trip means fewer chances of them wetting the floor, as well.
Detailed Tagging
The must-have accessory for any jet-setting pet is a nice, strong collar with a detailed pet tag on it. It should include all the details you’ll need in case your little buddy goes missing in unknown lands such as your pet’s name, your contact details, and maybe your email as a last resort. Make sure that the collar, along with the important information, is securely fastened to your pet and won’t fall off while it moves.
Distract Your Animal Friend
Travel can be an exciting yet also frightening ordeal for many a pet. They may end up being restless or panicked during your trips, which is an understandable reaction. Make sure to bring something that can distract your little pal like it’s favorite toy or maybe have somebody relax them with cuddles and belly rubs. A relaxed creature is best when it comes to moving from one place to another.
With all these tips for you to follow, you’re sure to enjoy a safe and fun time with your animal partner. Like family, it’s important to keep your pets safe at all times, especially when doing new activities that may be unfamiliar to them. So pack up, scoop up your favorite non-human adventure buddy and go see the world!

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