Amazing Asian Museums

Museums pool all of a countries history, artistry, culture, and more, creating a place filled with information of both the past and present. Make the most of your Asian travels by visiting these prominent places of knowledge:
national palace museum
National Palace Museum (Taipei, Taiwan)
This museum is home to the largest collection of Chinese antique artifacts and artworks since about 5,000 years ago. This four-storied building was modeled after an historically-styled Chinese palace, giving it a very regal and important look. The Exhibit Hall’s first 3 floors are filled with artifacts while the final one is where you can find the Sanxitang Teahouse, a modern addition to this historic attraction. Explore this and more HERE.
war remnants museum
War Remnant Museum (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)
As one of Vietnam’s more popular attractions to the Western audience, this museum is a must-visit destination for tourists. The War Remnant Museum, once known as the “Museum of Chinese and American War Crimes”, currently houses the story behind the historic Vietnam War. Be warned though, as some exhibits may prove to be a little heavy on the wartime atrocities. Head over to Ho Chi Minh!
Malay Technology Museum (Brunei)
Despite the “technology” found in its title, the museum focuses more on the historical innovations and living in Brunei decades ago.many of the items there tell the story of Brunei’s many evolutions and milestones to the country it has become today. You’ll be able to witness old crafts, boat houses, and many other simple yet important inventions. Discover Brunei now.
national folk museum
National Folk Museum (Seoul, South Korea)
Displaying around 4,000 artifacts used in the daily lives of the Koreans of old. Both locals and visitors are welcome to learn all about the daily lives of these historical folks and learn about the many ways they went about their days. The museum is jam-packed with all kinds of facilities, from exhibition rooms, libraries, souvenir stores and a whole lot more. See Seoul.
Palawan Heritage Center, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
From the main island of Palawan, the surrounding islets hold all kinds of riches, information about ancient livelihood techniques, and more. The Palawan Heritage Center hopes to share this with the world via an interactive museum. Showcasing a wide collection of all things Palawan, every traveler is promised of an eye-opening perspective and understanding of its cultural, historical, natural resources - all rich, diverse, and unparalleled. As a travel destination in the limelight, the museum serves well as a social and economic and institution, further strengthening Palawan's place in the global tourism. With so many treasures from the past housed within, it's definitely worth visiting while in Puerto Princesa.

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