Fun and Festive Fourth of July Celebrations

The Fourth of July is not just the commemorating America’s independence, it is also a way of getting into the summer vibe with friends and family. Here are five guaranteed fun and clever ways of throwing a summer slash Fourth of July party without hurting your wallet

Do a (holiday-themed) movie night

Nothing like an awesome Fourth of July with friends, food, and movies! While everyone is looking for places to celebrate Fourth of July, some prefer a more chill and laid-back way of enjoying the holiday. So why not shake things up a bit and throw a Fourth of July-themed movie night for a change? With so many Independence Day films, you and your friends are sure to have a patriotic marathon over boxes of pizzas and popcorn. You can never go wrong with the company of friends, good food and blockbuster movies.

Host a party

There’s no better way to celebrate holidays than with family and friends at home. Hosting a party is definitely fun – having the comforts of home whether food or entertainment. However, this could also mean more expense and stress on the preparation on the part of the host. To make the preparation hassle-free and fun: keep it small and intimate, have a budget, stick to recipes that are simple and ones you’re familiar with (but consider your guests dietary restrictions), make sure to stack up on quick snacks and sweet treats, go for biodegradable or recycled tableware, let friends help, and deal with deep cleaning afterwards.

Join parades

Feeling more patriotic? Experience the actual fun and hype on the city streets! Taking part in your community’s activities lets you experience tradition, encourage creative and healthy competition, and gives you the opportunity to meet new people. Another great thing about being part of a national celebration help draw visitors, promote tourism and generate an increase in tourism income.

Celebrate with a bang!

It’s not everyday that bright, pretty fireworks light up the skies. Drive to big cities for a quick, well-deserved getaway or check in at hotels known to offer spectacular views of the skylines and fireworks. Put on your patriotic best and be part of events that offer the best seats for the fireworks display, food, and all-American fun!
mount rushmore

Meet the presidents

It’s the holiday - a great time to leave the city gates and hit the great American outdoors! Travel to South Dakota and visit Mount Rushmore’s impressively carved monument of the former US presidents. Meander. Enjoy the scenic views while on a hike along the Presidential Trail that takes you around the mountains. Though fireworks display isn’t a Fourth of July highlight here, the portrayal of the presidents by professional actors, a variety of live performances, and the traditional lighting ceremony make a great way of celebrating the American freedom and pride!
Celebrating the Fourth of July or just about any Independence Day holidays doesn’t have to punch holes in your pockets. Get creative, fun, and enjoy the freedom and happiness the holiday brings.

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