Global News: The Venetian Tourist Campaign, Rules on Plane Armrests, and more!

airplane seats
Airplane Armrest Etiquette
Ever got stuck in the middle seat during air travel and feeling cramped because the armrests on both sides are occupied? Seat etiquette says that middle seaters have the right of way when it comes to a cozy place to rest their elbows. That’s because those people sandwiched between seats have limited room or accessibility like the people in the window or aisle sections of the plane.So the next you feel a little cramped, (politely) claim your right to
boracay tourists
Let's Go, Pilipinas!
Despite the travel advisories against travels to the Philippine isles and the wet season, currently already bringing storms, the Philippines is back in the travel limelight! With the recent growth in the number of international tourist arrivals in the country, the Department of Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo expressed her confidence on the continued rise in the international visits.
grand canal venice

New Venetian Tourist Rules
Venetian authorities are dropping some much needed rules for rowdy tourists to follow in this beautiful European City. After complaints of visitors disrespectfully treating the resident’s home as a big playground, a new, responsible travel campaign was created to be finalized and implemented before the summer rush. Some rules will aim to outlaw swimming in canals, making picnic stops out of public areas, pausing too long on bridges, dropping litter, riding bikes through the city or sightseeing in swimwear. Fines ranging from €25 to €500 will be dropped on anybody who tries to break any of these.

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