Global News: World's Best Islands, Historic Streets of Japan, and more!


Guide to Island Adventures

Curious about which island destinations are worth exploring for your upcoming vacation time? Finding a great location is all about planning, research, money saving, and even gut feelings. A list of these quaint little land forms surrounded by the beautiful ocean can be quite handy for the savvy traveler. Why not see one or two of the world's best HERE!
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San Miguel de Allende is the place to be!

A place blessed with fine weather throughout the year and where festivals of all sorts are in abundance, San Miguel city is indeed the ideal destination to be when in Mexico. From hot springs to a wide selection of culinary options (global-inspired restaurants to night bars with fascinating view of the city) to small interesting shops dotting the city’s vibrant streets, visitors will surely never run out of things to do in what is hailed by Time as the best city in the world to visit.

Historic Japanese Streets Preserved

Looking for a place in the Land of the Rising Sun that's seeped in the most vintage of Japanese aesthetic? Try the City of Kawagoe in the Saitama prefecture. A small portion of its streets are lined with buildings that have tiled rooftops and have a very oriental air about them. Can't get enough of the old-school charm? Take an enjoyable bus trip and explore this testament to history area by area. How about a trip HERE to start interesting discoveries and adventures in Japan?

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