Jet-setting Summer Destinations


Without a doubt the tropical islands are the first places that pop in our minds during summer, but why not mix it up with a different kind of destination? While the beautiful shores are a major season draw for many, let the beach lover in you take a break as you step up your summer travel game with something new! Go on a solo trip; take on a food adventure, rediscover history or hop aboard and experience life at sea. There’s more within your reach than just the sandbars and sea this summer.
Summer lovin’? Well, Paris – the City of Love, awaits you! More than the awe-inspiring sight of the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, this getaway gives you more reason to fall in love with many wonderful things this summer. Strolling at night at the Louvre or along the charming avenue of Champs-Eylsees, catch a performance at globally-renowned opera houses; experience annual tradition of outdoor movies or live classical music performances in parks; travel back in time on a visit to some of its classic palaces and delight in the views of its charming, sprawling gardens. Check out this affordable Splendors of Italy tour package
Rediscover Greece. What’s not to love about this amazing place? With jaw-dropping natural views and a fascinating history (and yes, beaches) this could be your ultimate summer holiday yet. More than being an Instagram-worthy subject, the ruins of the past and modern-day structures are a fusion that continues to be a draw for tourists to the country. Drink Greek wine, sign up for food tours, enjoy its vibrant nightlife, and explore off-beaten path museums. No island is the same, therefore being surrounded by thousands, hopping from one to another is something one shouldn’t miss out when in Greece.
Apart from being home to one of the world’s greatest beaches, Australia, the Land Down Under is packed full of interesting activities for all kinds of traveler. This country makes for a perfect choice for the summer holiday - sprawling gardens charming coastal town, abundant underwater life, and lush greens of rain forests, a world-renowned quay, fascinating urban life, and more. Let’s not forget a trip to the Outback and meeting up-close the kangaroos and koalas. Head on over to the Land Down Under with these affordable packages.
Experience summer out in the open waters of Mexico while setting foot in some of its exciting cities gives you wonderful way to vacation: by land and by boat. Hop aboard a ship and breathe in fresh air as you witness the wonders of marine life on your days at sea. On days when the ship docks some of Mexico’s city harbors, it gives you the liberty to discover and your destination’s culture. With its varied climate zones, this destination boasts an abundance of natural life – from iconic beaches and lush rain forests to deserts, your days on land is sure to be an adventure. Corona beer, burritos, vibrant festivals, surfing and underwater friends, interestingly beautiful ruins and fascinating beaches, and more make the land of Mexico an exciting summer “wanderland”. Experience the best of both worlds on a cruise in Mexico.
Have you found your alternative summer destination yet? You don’t have to necessarily drop by a tropical island to have fun in the sun as these amazing places can testify. Open your horizons and discover new worlds to explore this vacation!

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